Practice Areas

Mergers and Acquisitions Class Action Litigation

Monteverde & Associates PC has experienced attorneys that have recovered millions of dollars for shareholders in corporate takeovers, known as M&A transactions. We bring cases to ensure shareholder value is maximized and federal and/or state laws are adhered to in M&A transactions. Typically, a class action is filed against the board of directors of the company being acquired for breach of fiduciary duty and/or violation of federal securities laws. In certain cases, the buyer may also be liable for being an insider or controller. In other cases, the financial advisors may also be held liable for improperly conducting a sales process or rendering a defective or manipulated fairness opinion. In all cases, we file suit to ensure shareholders are protected and not shortchanged in the M&A transaction at issue.

Securities Class Action Litigation

Monteverde & Associates PC handles securities class actions to recover losses suffered by investors. These cases are also referred to as 10(b)-5 class action cases, brought on behalf of investors who bought or sold a company’s stock during a specific time period (referred to as the class period) during which investors suffered losses due to violations of federal securities laws. In cases that involve a misleading statement or omission, the class period typically starts when the company makes the untrue statement of material fact about the company or fails to disclose a material fact necessary to render other statements not misleading. We seek to recover damages caused by the misleading statements or omissions.

Shareholder Derivative Litigation

Monteverde & Associates PC has extensive experience litigating shareholder derivative actions on behalf of corporate entities. This litigation is often necessary when the corporation has been injured by the wrongdoing of its officers and/or directors for violating the law or engaging in waste. In essence, the shareholder steps into the shoes of the corporation to obtain a monetary recovery or significant corporate governance reform.

Consumer Class Action Litigation

Monteverde & Associates PC attorneys have advocated for consumers’ rights, successfully challenging some of the nation’s largest and most powerful corporations for a variety of improper, unfair and deceptive business practices. Various consumer protection laws prohibit companies from falsely advertising to consumers, who too often lose their hard-earned money on products and services that do not perform as advertised. Through our efforts, we have recovered money and other significant remedial benefits for our consumer clients.